Your Double Stroller Choices

The Double Stroller. Has anyone out there ever come up with the perfect double stroller configuration? What’s the best double stroller for twins? What about when the kids are Irish Twins and they are only 10 to 18 months apart? And what about when there are a few YEARS apart in age? That older one may still need the stroller but not all the time. What is a family to do when figuring out their stroller needs?! These are the complicated decisions parents have to make for their families. Since there are so many configurations to choose from, let’s suss out the best one for your needs.


Tandem (Inline) Options

+ Upppababy Vista – This stroller gives you the most options as it has the rumble seat and the buggy board attachments. Easily add the rumble seat for a two kid stroller that each child will be very comfortable in. This would be best for siblings not twins. Another option with the Vista is to add the buggy board attachment (which is easy to take on and off) to the stroller and let your older child ride on there. This stroller has the best options because you can have the kiddos facing each other, which allows for some great sibling face time. But sometimes the kids need time apart and in that case you can just flip the seat so they are not seeing each other and in our case biting their sibling’s toes. (Ahh, the joys of motherhood.) If you already own a Vista and have kids that are anywhere from 10 to 2 years apart, I would opt to purchase the add-ons in order to make it a double stroller. If you don’t have one, purchasing pre-loved is a great way to rationalize buying a new stroller. Here are some great options right here on WEEPEA.


+ Uppababy Cruz and Bugaboo Cameleon and Bee– you can only add the buggy board attachment to these strollers in order to make it a double. That said, if your first child is four or older once your second baby is born, this is a fine option.

+ Phil & Ted’s Dot, Sport, Dash, and Voyager – All of these tandem strollers are double seat compatible. They are great when you have a little one who can just snooze on the bottom seat while the older child gets to look out at the world in the upper seat. The only con with this stroller is when the little one gets older there may be fighting over who gets to sit where. But these Phil & Ted strollers are narrow and light and get the double stroller job done. It just might not be a great long term stroller. But then you can always sell it on WEEPEA and buy a different double stroller like these next ones.

+Babyzen YoYo+ with Ride on Board– The ever popular YoYo stroller is super sleek and beautiful. Nothing beats how compact it is. And now they have developed the option to add the ride on board where your older child can either sit or stand safely behind the stroller. However as great as this sounds, the reviews are in and the fact is that this added girth in the back of the stroller makes it difficult to push. It has been found that you are more so pushing from the side of the stroller so that your knees do not bump into the child riding on the board. But maybe your child is really small and slim and that won’t be a problem for you. Or perhaps your older child prefers to walk most of the time, then the board attachment is a great option because you are only using it sporadically when she gets tired. In the end, while the YoYo stroller is super compact it may not be the best option for your everyday double stroller. BUT it would be a great double stroller at the airport or while traveling. So depending on your needs, you can make the call as to whether or not this configuration works best for you.



+ Mountain Buggy Duet – As wide as the Uppababy Vista which means it easily fits through bodega doors (as long as your kids legs are not sticking out the side!). The seats on this stroller are narrow but both of my big kids fit just fine –even up to age 5. This is a great option for everyday double stroller use. Perfect for twins and great for kids that are not too far apart in age.

+ Bumble Ride and Bugaboo Donkey– These strollers are not as narrow as the Mountain Buggy, but they are easy to push. Think of yourself with two snoozing kids aboard and you are just sipping your latte as your coast down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with everything under control! Both of these huge strollers can take a beating and keep going. The seats are wide and are great for kids who are tall and long. They will fit easily into these seats into their older stroller years. So these side by side strollers are both fabulous options for those long weekend walks along Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront and beyond.

+ Maclaren Double Umbrella or Uppababy G-LINK  – These umbrella strollers are great and practically identical . But as one knows with umbrella strollers, you need both hands to push. And this is definitely true with the umbrella double stroller. No strolling with a latte my dear. Definitely something to think about when considering this one.



+ Lascal Buggy Board – In theory the Lascal Buggy Board is a great option. I was able to attach it to the Maclaren we have. BUT it made the stroller so hard to push. However it is another option if you are really stuck and have a kid who won’t walk!

Still no sure? Read this list of questions you should ask yourself before buying a stroller. There is always lots to consider!

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