TRUE: Your Dream Nursery Is Affordable – Yes it really is!

Do you ever pour over the pages of Land of Nod catalogue or maybe the Ouef website and have a big ol’ sigh and then say, “I want everything I see but there is no way I can afford that all,” [takes a sip of her grapefruit LeCroix while sitting in her Eames rocker]. Well guess what, you can afford everything you want nursery-wise, you just have to be wise as well. Take a look at some of the current pieces up for sale on WEEPEA and you will be amazed at what you can get for a fraction of the price – I am talking hundreds of dollars saved! You seriously do not want to miss some of these items that are just waiting to be in your child’s nursery (or closet – my kid slept in a beautifully decorated closet for the first year of her life…it’s almost a right of passage here in Brooklyn!) Anyway, check out these amazing listings for your nursery and scoop them up quickly before someone else does!


THE CRIB – This beautiful mid-century modern crib is so beautiful. It will be the center piece of the room and you will love to see it at that 12AM feeding, and the 2AM feeding, and again at the 4AM feeding. But seriously it’s so gorgeous and BONUS it turns into a toddler bed. Double amazingness.

THE BOOKSHELF – Take a gander at this beauty. It matches the crib in style and wood color. It has cabinets – very important for hiding stuff in and for closing off a messy interior. And it is just frankly, gorgeous.

THE ART – For a quintessential Brooklyn nursery one needs to have The Animal Print Shop photos in their baby’s nursery. And lucky you WEEPEA has two of the most adorable animals already framed for you. I mean come on, the pig is smiling and the hedgehog’s quills are so heavy it can’t even lift its baby head. [Clicks Add to Cart!]

THE ROCKER – This Monte Joya rocker is the rocking chair to have. Taking into account its aesthetics alone, this rocker is so pleasing to the eye. Not only will it fit in perfectly with your decor of the crib and book shelf, it is also extremely comfortable and has the perfect arm rest for holding your child while feeding. This rocker is the one to have in that perfect nursery. Grab it now!

THE TOY – With a mid-century room in the works you will need a statement wooden toy to go along with the rest of the beautiful nursery. And WEEPEA has this amazingly awesome ride-on wooden bunny. Your baby will be able to ride on this cute bunny in no time.


While it’s likely these items will go fast, you can always check out WEEPEA as we have lots of new inventory all the time. We also conduct special VIP (Very Important Parent) searches. So if you are yearning for an Oeuf Toddler bed but don’t want to pay full price for it, we will go on the hunt for you and find a pre-loved Oeuf bed at half the price. As a matter of fact there is one right here.

And while we are on the topic of purchasing for your baby be sure to ask yourself these questions before you take the plunge when buying a stroller.

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