I’m So Ready for Summer to Be Over

Am I the only one who feels this way? Don’t get my wrong I love when summer arrives. I’m ecstatic. Come Memorial Day I am all decked with my swimsuit and caftan and happily planning out every summer weekend so that it involves a pool, beach, or lake. But after a few months, I’m done with the water and the amount of stuff I need to haul on every water outing. Let me tell you what I bring: swimsuits, towels, change of clothes, buckets, shovels, snacks, snacks, lunch, huge water bottle for all three of us, water-floatie device, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, picnic blanket…You get the idea, because I am sure you are bringing all this stuff too. (If you aren’t please tell me how to pare it down, seriously!). Well I am done with this. I will welcome the Fall jackets and the socks and shoes if it means I can leave behind all that water related junk that occupies the entry way of my home. I’m done with it!
So I will enjoy this Labor Day and I will swim in the lovely Lake George of which we are visiting, but I will come home and happily pack away all the kids swimming paraphernalia and say adios to it all until next year!
What about you guys? Are you as ready to be done with the water-related activities as I am? And whose going to put money down on a bet that I will write about how sick I am of trying to get socks and shoes on little feet come April? Any takers? It’s surely a winning bet!
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