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Have gently used baby items that you are ready to part with? You are only a few clicks away from listing them on Weepea. From there, wee will do the work for you: vetting and prepping each listing to boost the sale.

2. Collect the Money

WEE will contact you when your item has sold to confirm the sale and will connect you to the buyer so you can arrange buyer’s pick up. Weepea gets paid only if you successfully sell your item on by deducting a 20% commission from the selling price. You keep up to 80% of the earnings in Wee credits, or can cash out (via Paypal or by check) for a small 5% transfer fee!

3. Be Happy

You just earned yourself some cash, helped build your local community while de-cluttering. You rock!

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Shop with confidence... wee've got you covered!
1. Shop Confidently

WEE review every item submission against our tough Quality Chart. So you can shop confidently.

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WEE carry only the top brands discounted for as much as 60% off retail. Shop Smart!

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You just snapped up the best stroller on the market, while supporting sustainability.

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