Would You Put A Tracking Device In Your Child’s Lovey?

So my daughter has a lovey. It’s a pink bunny, well technically a brown bunny at this point because it has been covered in dirt. Dirt is probably the nicest thing on it actually. It’s been on airplane floors, subway floors, buried in sandboxes, covered in chalk, snot, grass stains, and let’s be honest probably fecal matter. (Sorry had to go there to keep it honest!) There was a time when she had it with her so much so that I never had a chance to wash it and I would warn people who admired it “yea, I wouldn’t touch that thing, you may get a rash.” Anyway, this lovey is so important to my child’s that it has turned into my third kid. Without it close by she will have tantrums that are off the charts. We went through a couple scares of losing it. The worst was when we lost it overnight. After a long sleepless night, I retraced our steps the next day and found it at the local CVS. I hugged and kissed the cashier who had held on to the dirty bunny. As tears collected in the bags under my eyes all she said was “I knew that thing was loved.” Oh was she right.


So in order to avoid giving myself minor heart attacks every time we lost this bunny, I got clever. Have you heard of Tile? It’s this small square chip that is a GPS tracking device. Yes, you are right. I put a tracking device in my daughters lovey and it has been the best thing I have every done for her and our family. I cut a hole in the bunny and slid the Tile in. Then using my seventh grade home economic sewing skills I stitched the bunny up and never lost him again!




So how does it work? The Tile works through an app on your phone. If you have misplaced the item you press a button on the app and if you are within 100 feet of the item it will chirp. This works for us because the bunny is usually missing somewhere in our house. Though my daughter has become so accustom to the convenience of the Tile that she’ll often ask me to make it chirp even when it is within arm’s length away. Perhaps the Tile is making us lazy…hmmm….


A lot of people (I won’t mention who) have scoffed about the lengths we have gone to hold onto this bunny. They said,“Learning about loss is important” and “She will be better off in the long run having learned that items are not permanent” and “She will have to say goodbye to it at some point” But I say, not now. Now is not the time to teach my two year-old that things go away and never come back or about death in a sense. My sleep is too valuable, the happiness of my family is too valuable. These lessons can come later.


Anyhow, I love the convenience of it and the worry that it takes out of my life. I know that I can always find that dirty bunny so I know we will all be able to sleep to night. And seriously, what is more important than sleep these days? Am I right or am I right?


Would you put a GPS tracking device in a lovey? Do you think I have gone to extremes?

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