Buying Pre-loved At The Montauk Rummage Sale

Buying pre-loved toys for my kids is important to me. Knowing that I am not purchasing a brand new piece of plastic that will ultimately sit in a landfill until the end of time gives me peace and calmness when buying something. Here at Weepea we love the idea of buying pre-loved toys, (in fact we have a whole section devoted to toys!). I have gotten lots of my children’s toys from stoop sales, hand-me-downs, and rummage sales. One rummage sale in particular at the Community Church in Montauk is my favorite rummage sale of all. It is loaded with great finds. So on our annual summer jaunt out to the tip of Long Island, I make a point of going to this sale and refreshing my kids’ toy box at a fraction of the price of new toys and with the peace of mind that I am doing the planet and my children’s future a solid by taking myself out of the consumer culture. Win Win!


So, the church opens its doors at 9AM and closes it at noon every Saturday in July and August. It’s important to get there early. This year it was pouring when I went…


The rain did not deter me because I knew there were treasures to be found inside. Being able to sift through the junk to find these said treasures can be daunting though. You definitely must be mentally prepared to do this. Luckily today I was ready to go and found the following…

This vintage Tinkertoy kit for $2.


A bug and animal design kit for $3.



These trucks for $1 each were perfect for the beach.


There was also this tub full of old cameras for $2 each. I bought two for my kids and they loved pretending to be photographers. Peering through the viewfinder and clicking the button took them to an imaginary world of being National Geographic photographers and hunting down seagulls on the beach.




This wooden hippo push toy looked adorable. ,




Ballerina girl dish. Perfect for a decoration on a dresser.


Bells to add to your musical instrument collection.


A star paperweight to use in your arts and crafts area.


Picture frames for all your kids’ art.


And I found this pink moccasins for $2 for my friend’s baby.


I’m calling this year’s rummage sale finds a success.  Buying new-to-me toys without the guilt of knowing they came from a big box store feels good. I am already looking forward to next year.

Here are some toys listed here at Weepea that would make a great addition to your kiddos collection – Hape Pound and Tap Bench,this cute Wooden Push Toy (that seconds as a toy storage piece), and this adorable Playsam Rabbit Rocker.