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We specialize in gently-used baby gear, furniture, and toys. Shop as you would on any of your other favorite websites by categories, filtering items by pick-up location, brand, price, etc. Make sure to read carefully the condition of the item as well as the pick-up location. As soon as you placed your order, your credit card will be processed but we won’t capture the charge just yet. We will also notify the seller who then has 48hrs to confirm the sale. Your credit card will be charged as soon the seller confirmed the sale. You will then be put in touch with the seller to arrange of the convenient day and time to pick up your item.

Weepea is a safest and secure way to buy gently-used baby gear. Our team is made out of super-picky parents who review all listings against our tough Wee Quality Chart before accepting or not an item submission. If for any reason you were not satisfied with your purchase, Wee will take it back. See our return policy for more details.

You can pay securely online using wee credits, most major credit cards or Apple pay via Stripe. See Stripe.com for more information.

Weepea Marketplace is proud to focus on local transactions to limit our carbon footprint. Most items are available for local pick up by the buyer, except if noted otherwise. So please be sure to carefully review to pick up location of your item.


No problem. You have 2 days to decide if you want to keep it from the moment you took possession of the item. If the item was not as described, please refuse it at the time of the transaction. We will issue a full refund after reviewing the item and contact the seller for you. It’s that simple.
If you decide you didn’t want it anymore for any other reason, we will take it back for wee credits.
In the event that you accepted the item at transaction time, but do not want it anymore, you still have two days to return it for a refund if we confirm the item was not as described or for store credit if you change your mind for any other reason. In this case, pick up service charge may apply.

In any case, if there is an issue with your purchase, please contact us as soon as possible.

Weepea is the safest, most secure way to shop pre-owned items. Our team is made of super-picky parents who review all listings against our tough quality chart before accepting or refusing an item submission. If for any reason you were not satisfied with your purchase, Wee will take it back. See our return policy for more details.


Listing an item on Weepea is easy peasy. Go to SELL an item after creating a account, and simply answer a few questions, snap a couple of pictures, set your price, and we’ll take it from there!

Listing on Weepea is always free! We will deduct a commission only when your item sells.

You will receive a notification via email to confirm the sale as soon as one of your items sells. You then will have 48 hours to mark your sale as confirmed (Go to My Account/My Sales/Pending Sales, and click on ‘CONFIRMED’ next to the corresponding pending sale).

You will then be connected to the buyer to arrange a convenient day/time for pick up.

If you do not confirm your sale within 72 hours, your sale will automatically cancels.

Don’t wait! Make sure to confirm pick up of the item in your account as soon as your item was picked up by the buyer. We allow for 48hrs after you confirmed the pick up for the buyer to review the item and return it if there is any issue (if the item is not as described for example). We will then credit you your earnings in Wee credits. You can then decide to cash-in and get paid via check or paypal (there is a 5% transfer fee when you cash-in) or use your earnings to shop on Weepea.

You keep 80% of the earnings! Weepea will deduct 20% from the selling price of your item after it sold.

By comparison most baby consignment stores usually keep 50 to 60% of the total, leaving you with peanuts! Your earnings will be paid in Wee credits and available in My Account/Store Credits.
You can elect at any time to cash-in your earnings. Simple request to withdraw your earnings in your account. At this time we offer cash-in payment via check or via Paypal. Note that there is a 5% transfer fee when you cash in.

You can adjust the description or the price of your item in My account/my product, by clicking on the EDIT button for the corresponding listing.

We hear you, the pictures you can find on the net are so much nicer… but we stand by transparency. A good listing is a listing that fairly describes and pictures the item and its condition.

Trust us when we say this: your item will sell faster when being transparent than if you omit some pictures or information. Plus that will save you some headache answering potential buyer questions.

Now, we didn’t say having nice pictures wasn’t important. Here are a few tips to ensure your pictures help sell your item:
1/ Natural light is key.
2/ Find the right angle. Your camera should be horizontally aligned with the item you are trying to photograph.
3/ Try and use a solid background in a contrasting color (ex: a white cradle should be on a solid dark background, but a black stroller will look better on a white background).
4/ Try and submit square pictures… they look better on our site! 🙂
And no worries, we will prep your pictures to make them go from okey to awesome!

For more information, check out How Wee Works.

Don’t worry! As long as your listing description was accurate and that no information was omitted from your listing or your pictures, you will not be responsible to take the item back, Weepea will! 🙂

Now, if you omitted flaws – for example a missing accessory, a stain, a chip of the paint, etc – Weepea will not be able to cover you. Your sale will be canceled and you will be responsible to pay to get your item shipped back to you. Let’s say it one more time: transparency is key!

You will thank us later.